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current volunteer roles

Do you have a passion for music and want to support good mental health in the community? We are looking for new volunteers to support our programs on an ongoing basis. Currently, we are looking to fill the positions listed below.  We are also open to proposals if you have a specific set of skills to offer, or have a project to propose.  Get in touch with us at info@friendsofmusic.ca and tell us a little about yourself, your relevant skills or work experience, and what you can help us with.  Feel free to also include your resume, LinkedIn profile, or sample of your work or portfolio (if relevant, ie: volunteer photographer/videographer role)

Volunteer Role 1

support our coffee breaks

We need help with coffee breaks, for the following group rehearsals: Drumming, Moodswing Choir, Fundamentals & Jazz Improv. The time commitment would be approximately 2-3 hours each week.  Volunteers would assist with set-up of the coffee, snacks and tea, and tidy up afterwards.  It’s an easy and relaxed volunteer role.  If you aren’t already a member of the group. feel free to stay and socialize or sit-in with the musicians. This would really help free up time for our staff to continue with their vital work in the office.

Volunteer Role 2

Volunteer promoter / COMMUNITY OUTREACH

Help us get the word out about FOM Music Society!  We have 3 different roles, in this category, and would require 1-3 hours of flexible volunteer work per week.

a) Volunteer promoters will help distributer posters, flyers, handbills and brochures to various target sites in the community: university and college campuses, community posting boards, community centers, health and wellness services etc… 

b)    Community Outreach volunteers can help identify and approach key interest groups and local businesses, to let them know more about what we offer.  This will help us build relationships and attract new participants, members, volunteers, or donors in the community.

c)      Advertising research: We need help identifying free advertising opportunities in the community.  The volunteer would conduct searches on the internet or social media, and build an advertising resource for us in Word or Excel, which summarizes these sources, with contact info, publication deadlines, max word counts etc…

Volunteer Role 3


We need help with transporting equipment and set-up for concerts and events at different locations around the city.  Concerts are normally held on weekdays in the afternoons or evenings and would require 1-3 hours of your time, once or twice a month.  Ideal candidates have a driver’s license, their own vehicle and can lift and carry up to 40lbs.  

This is an ideal casual volunteer role, with an opportunity to learn and job-shadow with setting up musical equipment for gigs.

Volunteer Role 4

photographer / videographer

Help us get more media content for our website, Facebook and YouTube.  We are looking for individuals who are skilled in videography or photography, who can capture high quality images or video of our bands, concerts and events. You don’t have to be a professional, but we prefer intermediate level and up. You know your way around the semi-automatic and manual settings on your camera, and have a good grasp of digital photography or videography.  You must have your own photo/video equipment: a tripod and DSLR or Mirrorless system, with good low-light performance, and high ISO shooting capacity would be ideal.  Get in touch with us and send us a small sample of your work (portraits, band photos, video samples, Flickr or Instagram accounts).  Signing a Volunteer Photographer photo licensing agreement is a requirement.

This is a great opportunity to gain experience shooting live bands and doing event photography, whilst serving a good cause.  

Volunteer Role 5


Do you have an interest in researching health/mental health topics? We are looking for individuals with an academic background (in the hard sciences, social sciences, social work, counselling, or mental health and substance use (MHSU) to conduct a search of existing research to help us build a mental health resource section for our website.  This resource section would include information on Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR), the Recovery model, and local community mental health resources. Time commitment would be anywhere from 2-5 hours per week.  This role may be of interest to post-secondary students or graduates, looking to gain work experience in a mental health or non-profit setting.,


Volunteer Role 6

propose a project / idea

Do you have a specialized set of skills that might be valuable to us? Or a project idea to propose?  We welcome all ideas. Let us know what you have to offer!  

Volunteer Role 4

group representative on the membership committee

We’re looking develop a Membership Committee.  We need representatives from each FOM music group to volunteer on this committee.

Prerequisites to this volunteer role: current FOM membership and actively participating in one (or more) of our music groups.  They must be elected by the group they represent.

volunteer spotlight

Danial Mirsajedin - UVic Community Engaged Learning

“Being a volunteer at Friends of Music has been an eye opening opportunity. There is always something new to do and it never gets dull. I have done things like helping the instructors set up and take down equipment for their classes. I have also helped with administrative duties such as calling participants and filing. I assisted in setting up for concerts which was an amazing experience. I got to meet many people, build wonderful relationships and deepen my knowledge of the nonprofit world.”