Ivan Stroek

May the “Muse” be with You — Always! My name is Ivan and I sing, among other things; Gregorian Chats, at Open Mic on Sunday Evenings. Briefly described, Gregorian Chant is a form of medieval Latin church music. I came upon it through my Roman Catholic background.  There isn’t much interest in it these days, but in my case, it really Took!  

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Normand Boivin

Life is a marvelous network of beauty. Working unto the Mystery of God Spirit. Paints the majestic glory of God’s Presence. Into the Essence, as life goes on. Creativity Is the canvas in the field of the Universe. Connected to God within us. As the Imagination becomes the channel of the Universal Mind.

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Emma Poole

My music journey started back in September 2009 at the age of 11, where I started to learn the clarinet in school for fun. Jump ahead to January 2018; after taking a break from music to focus on school, I met Janet while I was playing in a marching band.

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