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Open Mic Feature: A Selection of Poetry

normand the poet

prisoner of the mind

Closed mind I am,

As life is the drama queen into the screen play of my mind.

Drop the masks, and the masquerades of your play, so you will feel alive again.

The maze of life has no direction, so be yourself and drop your mask, and be who you really are.

Jump down off your tower of fear, and make a leap of faith, so will land somewhere.

Be confident and unlock your heart, so life will have no clouds, and you won’t be lost.

Open your heart and the shadows will go, and won’t be lost unto your soul.

The key of Life is Love; which opens the door of your mind.

So be open-minded, and the window of your mind will draw unto you self-knowledge in the Life as you lived it.

The art of "prose poetry"

Life is a marvelous network of beauty

Working unto the Mystery of God Spirit

Paints the majestic glory of God’s Presence

Into the Essence, as life goes on

Creativity Is the canvas in the field of the Universe

Connected to God within us

As the Imagination becomes the channel of the Universal Mind

Through the mind of an artist

The passion is the driving force of the artist

Who through his deeds, manifests his gifts of the will of God

Unto the plan of God on to the earth

The artist expresses it as the unfolding of his life into his art

An artist has the enthusiasm unto art

As life is the expression of the self ‘unto his consciousness

To make its destiny the creation of what Is The Art

being a hero

A Hero isn’t a fantasy of Life.

It is a Reality we lived into the Heart Soul.

We are the Hero into the simplicity to our Existence

As the Ordinary becomes part of the Extraordinary

We expressed into Life as it is.

I am a Hero as I expressed my Righteous self,

As a free spirit into choices

Freedom is mine into life.

The Truthfulness of the Heart

is the Blueprint of a Hero

Into his Real Heart.