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Musician Feature: Moodswing Orchestra & Ukulelians

emma poole

My music journey started back in September 2009 at the age of 11, where I started to learn the clarinet in school for fun. Jump ahead to January 2018; after taking a break from music to focus on school, I met Janet while I was playing in a marching band. She asked me if I was interested to join Friends of Music in May 2018. I joined after the Victoria Day long weekend, and I did not regret that decision. I am playing clarinet in the Moodswing Orchestra and ukulele in the Ukulelians.

Looking back while growing up, I see how music played an important role in my life. After receiving a diagnosis of moderate anxiety and depression, it was music that has carried me through to a place where I was able to make my life more manageable. Over the summer, I have realized how music has been a vital part of my recovery for my mental illnesses. Being a member of FOM has given me the ability to find the balance in my hectic life that I have with school and work; I am a nursing student at Camosun College, and am on the path of becoming a RN. In addition, I have met some amazing people and lifelong friends. Music has saved my life; I hope to keep integrating music in my life and continuing to enjoy the benefits of playing and performing with others.

September, 2021

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