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regular programs
resume jan 10th, 2023

 We will take a few weeks break for the holidays, and programs will restart on January 10th, 2023.  Look for the program calendar in our next newsletter, it will be released by early January.

learn more about our regular programs

For more details on the range of Music Lessons, Performance Groups, Drop-ins, Community Concerts and Special Events we offer, please visit our PROGRAMS page.  Our regular music programs run from September-June, then we switch to summer programming for the month of July.  We welcome drop-ins at any time to try our groups and see what fits.  If you are a new prospective member, please call or email to give us a heads-up that you plan to attend.  All FOM programming takes place in-person at the Eric Martin Pavilion Theatre (Please use the Fort Street entrance – glass sliding doors). 



Our program calendar is published on the reverse side of every issue of Get the Beat Newsletter.  We will email a copy to all of our active members and participants as soon as it is available.  You can pick up a print copy at the Eric Martin Pavilion Theatre lobby.  Head to our Newsletter page to view and download current and past issues of our newsletter in PDF.  


The Jan-Feb 2023 Newsletter is now available:

Visit the ‘About Us’ Page by clicking below, or keep scrolling to to read more about what we do at FOM Music Society.


FOM Music Society places a high value on making music with our friends. Even more important is the health and safety of our staff, instructors, volunteers and musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be aware that we operate out of the Eric Martin Pavilion (Part of Jubilee Hospital), and are required to continue with the following health and safety protocols: 

  • COVID screening at the door
  • Masking indoors*
  • Taking our refreshment breaks outside
  • Sanitizing equipment and surfaces regularly
  • Physical distancing & occupancy limits
  • Good hand hygiene (washing/sanitizing)
  • Staying home when you have any cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Following BC CDC guidelines in all matters
We are happy to welcome back all of our wind instrument players in-person (instead of Zoom).  Wind instrument players may remove their mask, only while seated, with everyone else physically distanced and masked. 

*These protocols are subject to change at any time.  


All staff, Instructors and Volunteers were required to be fully vaccinated by Oct 26, 2021.

We encourage everyone to get fully vaccinated for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Because we are an essential service, we do not require proof of vaccine status from our program participants. The majority of our participants are vaccinated, but please be aware that there is the possibility of unvaccinated participation.  To keep everyone safe and healthy, COVID screening. masking, physical distancing and not attending if you are sick, remain mandatory


Click on each image to view large.  For complete information on all of our programs, visit our programs page

What We Do

We offer musical opportunities for persons recovering from mental illness


—we play music

We offer a diverse array of programs that cater to musicians and performers of all skill levels: music lessons for beginners and beyond, drop-in and performance groups including both open-ended and structured ensembles.


— We promote recovery

Making music is a powerful means of relating to others and supporting good mental health. We actively promote music as a vehicle for connection and recovery.  Our programs are an essential part of our member’s recovery plans.


—We reduce barriers

We actively seek to remove financial barriers to accessing supportive mental health programs.  Our supporters make it possible to offer music programs at no charge, with some loaner instruments available.  Low-cost annual memberships are optional.


—we build confidence

Our focus is on people’s abilities, building a sense of purpose, confidence and self-esteem.  Our services are delivered in a manner that promotes hope and optimism, recognizes the worth of each participant, and provides the highest possible quality of life.  


— We foster community

We co-create a safe, supportive, fun and welcoming space for newcomers, existing members and volunteers alike to learn, connect and enjoy making music together!  Everyone has a place here and participants do not need a referral. 


— We Create employment

We undertake initiatives that facilitate employment and recreation opportunities for persons living with mental illnesses.  These initiatives help to improve financial wellbeing through meaningful work and assist those facing barriers to employment.

we gratefully acknowledge our supporters