Craig Ellerman


Craig ellerman


I have enjoyed the privilege of being involved with the Friends of Music society for three years now. I’ve been learning to play the bass guitar with the help and support of the instructors and my fellow musicians. I am a regular at the Wednesday Skills Band and Fundamentals groups and Jazz Improv on Thursdays.  And sometimes join in on the always fun and exciting Open Mic night sessions on Sundays.  I am so grateful to be at a stage in my life where I can be passionately unemployed and have the time to participate in these great programs where I get to plunk my bass on a wild variety of tunes – from Beethoven to Benny Goodman to the Beatles to Miles Davis to belting out the words to a silly tune I loved when I was a little Craig, called Monster Mash!

I am looking forward to the day when our beloved horn players can rejoin us in person at the theatre and escape from Planet Zoom where they have been stuck for the last two years or so. I am so impressed with the efforts and innovations of the staff, volunteers and other FOM supporters to keep the program up and running during these challenging times. Very inspiring!

What I am most grateful for is the sense of belonging I feel when I am involved in all my Friends of Music Society activities. It is a fun and supportive community with the focus on enjoying the process of learning our instruments and not trying to achieve perfection. Thank you so much!


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