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member's stories: An open mic feature performer

clarissa dawn

clarissa and her guitar

My name is Clarissa Dawn and I have a strong passion for playing music.  My journey with music started with learning to play my favorite instrument, the guitar, when I was still in Highschool.  Gradually, I began teaching myself how to sing and added that coordination with guitar playing.  I’ve been playing and singing for at least 11-13 years now.

I am very creative and inspirational.  During my leisure time, I enjoy busking, Woodburning and building myself up as a strong professional musician.  I also like to sing for folks who are struggling with mental illness and enjoy going to Open Mic at FOM, on Sunday’s. 

My kind and inspirational words for people to know is there is always hope and never give up on yourself.  My intention for you is to be brave and never be ashamed of your talent, because you shine and you have a lot of courage to be on that stage! I have a dream to be a professional musician in the music industry and having a music career one day. What is your dream and what would it be?

God Bless

clarissa's photoshoot