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FOM Music Society is a charitable organization that offers musical opportunities in support of mental health.  Our music programs are diverse, and serve adults of ALL ages (over the age of 16).  We cater to musicians of every skill level, whether you are new learner, or an experienced musician.  

For full details on the range of Music Lessons, Performance Groups, Drop-ins, Community Concerts and Special Events we offer, please visit our PROGRAMS page.   Our regular music programs run from September-June, and most are continuous entry.  We switch to summer programming for the month of July, with music workshops that differ from our regular programming.


new to fom music society?

You are welcome to drop-in and try out any of our groups to see what fits for you.  Our programs are accessed through self-referral.  If you are new to FOM Music Society, please call or email us in advance to let us know when you plan to attend.  We are always happy to advise on groups, based on your interests, skill level and other preferences.  All FOM programming takes place in-person at the Eric Martin Pavilion Theatre (Please use the Fort Street entrance – glass sliding doors). 

Visit our memberships page to fill out our online membership form:

news & announcements

regular programs:

Our music programs are designed to support mental health.  Most of our programs are continuous entry, which ensures that you can come take part in music at any time.   Our Regular Programs resumed on the week of Jan 7th, 2024 and will run till June 19th, 2024.  Our regularly scheduled programs will resume the first week of September.  See our latest newsletter, for a preview of our Fall program calendar.


To stay current with what’s offered each month at FOM Music Society, you can find our program calendar on the reverse side of every issue of Get the Beat Newsletter.  We email a digital copy, bi-monthly, to all of our active members and participants.  You can pick up a print copy at the Eric Martin Pavilion Theatre lobby.  Head to our Newsletter page to view and download current and past issues of our newsletter in PDF format.  



join us in the victoria marathon!

FOM Music Society is an official charity in the Victoria marathon, on October 12-13, 2024! 

We invite you to join one of our teams, or start your own, to run or walk on our behalf.  Participants help us raise awareness and donations for our cause, that support music programs for mental health.  We are welcoming supporters in every capacity; whether you join one of our teams, form your own, volunteer at the event, spread the word far and wide, or rally your friends and family to run, walk and donate.

To donate, join our team, or start your own, visit our official Race Roster page!


FOM Music Society operates out of the Eric Martin Pavilion (part of Royal Jubilee Hospital), we are subject to health and safety protocols set by Island Health.

Island Health has informed us that the Respiratory Season was declared over, on April 8th, 2024.  The public health orders for service providers to wear masks has been lifted.

We ask that everyone continue to self-monitor for symptoms of contagious illness and to please stay home if you are feeling unwell, even if symptoms are minor.


All staff, instructors and volunteers are required to be vaccinated.

Everyone coming to Friends of Music is encouraged to stay up to date with vaccinations, but it is not mandatory.  

These policies are subject to change at any time.

HIGHLIGHTs of programs & events

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For more information on the full range of programs offered at FOM Music Society visit our programs page:

What We Do


—we play music

We offer a diverse array of programs that cater to musicians and performers of all skill levels: music lessons for beginners and beyond, drop-in and performance groups including both open-ended and structured ensembles.


— We promote recovery

Making music is a powerful means of relating to others and supporting good mental health. We actively promote music as a vehicle for connection and recovery.  Our programs are an essential part of our member’s recovery plans.


—We reduce barriers

We actively seek to remove financial barriers to accessing supportive mental health programs.  Our supporters make it possible to offer music programs at no charge, with some loaner instruments available.  Low-cost annual memberships are optional.


—we build confidence

Our focus is on people’s abilities, building a sense of purpose, confidence and self-esteem.  Our services are delivered in a manner that promotes hope and optimism, recognizes the worth of each participant, and provides the highest possible quality of life.  


— We foster community

We co-create a safe, supportive, fun and welcoming space for newcomers, existing members and volunteers alike to learn, connect and enjoy making music together!  Everyone has a place here and participants do not need a referral. 


— We Create employment

We undertake initiatives that facilitate employment and recreation opportunities for persons living with mental illnesses.  These initiatives help to improve financial wellbeing through meaningful work and assist those facing barriers to employment.

we gratefully acknowledge our supporters